Quotes & Randoms
"I Don’t Forgive People Because I’m Weak. I Forgive People Because I’m Strong Enough To Know People Make Mistakes."
"You Are My Baby. My Headache. My Love. My Smile. My Frown. My Wrong. My Right. My Pain. My Happiness. My Everything."
"No Matter How Much Negativity Gets Thrown Your Way, Lift Your Head Up And Approach It With A Positive Attitude, Take It As An Experience."
"Worry Less. Smile More. Accept Criticim. Take Responibility. Be Quiet And Listen. Love Life. Embrace Change. Feel Good Anyway."
"if Payback Is A Bitch And Revenge Is Sweet. Then I’m The Sweetest Bitch You’ll Ever Meet."
"Sweet Words Are Easy To Say, Sweet Things Are Easy To Buy But Sweet People Are Difficult To Find."